Bloqueo de luz azul




Change the color of the light emitted by your screen


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Generally speaking, the screens on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and other LED screens emit a blue light. This light can be harmful to your vision, especially when you expose yourself directly to it at night or when there isn't any sunlight. Bluelight Blocking is an application that helps you avoid this light by manually modifying the type of light emitted by these screens.

The first thing you have to do is adjust the transparency filters according to what you want for different occasions. The higher the filter level, the more opaque and less lit-up the screen will be, so you can read, play, or work without your eyes watering or drying out. When you want to change this value, all you have to do is slide the bar to the position that you want.

The selection of filters to choose from is enough to find the best choice for each moment: red, yellow, brown, and black are the four possibilities. When you activate one of them, you can see how the blue light becomes less harmful and easier on the eyes. You'll also be consuming less resources, so you won't burn through your battery quite as fast as long as you have Bluelight Blocking activated.

To access this application more quickly, you can set up a shortcut on the configuration menu. This way, if you want to have a shortcut to the notifications panel, you can have it display when the the filter is activated, when it's deactivated, or always. Adjust your screen and stop hurting your vision, whether it's during the day or at night.